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The company of MARIKAITIS KOUNDOURAKI was started in 1963 by her father NIKO KOUNDOURAKI as a simple traditional bakery in Mournies, Chania. Faithful to tradition and quality raw materials, he managed to establish himself in the field and slowly produce new products and transfer his knowledge and principles to the next generations. This continues today with the expansion of the company in a new building with product safety and quality assurance through the implementation and certification of effective management systems, food safety in accordance with the basic principles of ISO 22000: 2005 & ISO 9001 and new products. The companyM. KOUNDOURAKI & CO. EE .. believes that its success depends on the continuous supply of high quality products that meet the expectations of our customers. The purpose of the company is to produce traditional handmade Greek pies for souvlaki, Arabic pies, Mexican pies, pizza dough, bread, baked goods, nut crackers, sandwich breads for hamburger toast bread and everything else that satisfies the bakery, of our customers in relation to the quality, variety, hygiene and safety of the final product.

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